Bradfield Common

Bradfield Common was registered in 1968 by the parish council.


See map below: CL97 - Bradfield Common


It is divided into two sections 


CL97 - The EastPolygon   

CL97 - The WestPolygon


You will see on the Ownership Section that there are no registered owners nor are there any registered right holders.  

The common is subject to protection under Section 9 of the Commons Registration Act 1965: Protection of unclaimed common land. 


Where the registration under section 4 of this Act of any land as common land has become final but no person is registered under this Act or the Land Registration Acts 1925 and 1936 as the owner of the land, then, until the land is vested under any provision hereafter made by Parliament, any local authority in whose area the land or part of the land is situated may take such steps for the protection of the land against unlawful interference as could be taken by an owner in possession of the land, and may (without prejudice to any power exercisable apart from this section) institute proceedings for any offence committed in respect of the land.


Works on a common


The Defra website sets out the procedures for applying for permission and the sort of works that are covered: 

Bradfield Common Map
Bradfield Common